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We are searching for an opportunity where an existing owner has outgrown the business, and desires seamless ownership transition without subjecting the company to excess financial engineering, acquisition by a competitor, or extreme cost cutting.


Granite Lake Partners is here to acquire and manage a strong business that demonstrates growth, and accelerate that growth with our long-term investment outlook.



When it comes to acquiring a business, we want to find the right match. Here are some of the attributes we're looking for in an acquisition:


Financial Attributes

  • Revenue of $5 to $50 million

  • EBITDA of $1.5 million or more

  • EBITDA margins of at least 15%

  • Three or more years of profitable operations and positive cash flow


Industry/Company Characteristics

  • Fragmented, large and growing industry

  • Strong potential for organic growth and/or industry consolidation

  • Significant component of recurring revenue preferred

  • Diverse customer base with high retention rates

  • Clear customer value proposition

  • Unique and distinct competitive advantage


Management Profile

  • Owner seeking liquidity and ownership transition

  • Owner willing to be involved during transition period

  • Strong middle management team eager to remain with the company


Granite Lake Partners’ Role

  • Controlling position investment

  • Assume active, day-to-day operational role        

  • Active board participation

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